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Meet Jano Aunbaum – The Perfectionist Chief Engineer of Our Team


Meet Jano, the first person to arrive in our office and the last one to leave. He is meticulous about everything he does and ensures that every project he undertakes turns out perfect. Originally from Tartu, Jano moved to Tallinn for college where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in electrical energy engineering. He’s currently one thesis away from obtaining his master’s degree at Tallinn University of Technology as well. 

Jano started working as an intern at Elektrilevi, where he quickly moved on his career path as a power grid and low voltage medium voltage planner. Eventually, he became the area manager of electrical connections at Elektrilevi. It was during this time that he met WiSo’s CEO Oliver, and they hit it off instantly. It was like an instant lightning bolt of connection (pun intended) because they both shared a passion for engineering and industry. And just like that, in January 2023, Jano joined our team.

Now, as our Chief Engineer, Jano’s role involves planning and designing every aspect of our parks to perfection. He carefully selects the right equipment, materials, and processes for all our projects to ensure that there are no surprises during the following stages of work. Jano’s meticulous approach to his work is seen by his team members, clients, and investors and he is always on top of things. Jano’s job is not limited to just mechanical and electrical engineering. He is also involved in planning the layout and architecture of our parks. His keen eye for detail and design gives our parks a unique aesthetic appeal that sets them apart from other similar projects.

Apart from being a perfectionist, Jano is also an excellent team player. He is always willing to help out his colleagues and works closely with them to make sure that our projects are completed on time and to the highest standards. And here’s a fun fact, when Jano needs to recharge, he takes on the online chess world. 

When he’s not busy being a workaholic, you’ll probably find Jano pumping iron at the gym or pretty soon hitting the open road on his brand-new motorcycle. It has been his dream for quite some time.

Jano’s contribution to our team is invaluable, and we are lucky to have him as our Chief Engineer. His perfectionist approach to his work, a keen eye for detail, and ability to think outside the box make him an irreplaceable team member. Jano is not only an expert engineer but also an excellent team player and leader. He sets the bar high for everyone around him and inspires us all to do better.