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Meet Margus Pang: Project Manager with the strong voice


When you first meet Margus, WiSo’s newest Project Manager, his diverse background in music, travel, and ventilation systems might surprise you. But it’s his unique journey that sets him apart and makes him a vital asset to our team.

A Melodious Beginning

Margus’ story begins unusually – in the world of opera. As a child, he discovered a passion for music, by now it has culminated into love particularly rock and metal music. This early love for rhythm and harmony led him to sing in an opera, a stark contrast to the heavy beats he preferred but a testament to his open-mindedness and versatility.

An Adventurous Spirit

Margus’ adventurous spirit didn’t stop at music. He spent two years exploring Australia’s vast landscapes, immersing himself in a different culture, and learning valuable life lessons. He learned the importance of dedicating wholeheartedly to any work that you do, a principle that has guided his professional life ever since.

A Decade in Ventilation

After his Australian adventure, Margus spent over ten years managing a team in the ventilation field. He became an expert in his role. Margus knew then it was time for a change. He yearned for growth, challenges, and an environment where he could continue learning.

A New Chapter at WiSo

This desire for growth led him to WiSo. Starting as an object manager, Margus’ dedication and eagerness to learn quickly shone through. In a few short months, he climbed the ranks to become a project manager, bringing a fresh perspective to the team drawn from his rich past experiences.

Despite his varied background, there’s a common thread in everything Margus does – a dedication to excellence and a commitment to continuous growth. Whether it’s singing in an opera, exploring Australia, or managing ventilation projects, Margus dives in with his whole heart.

Now, he brings this same passion and dedication to WiSo, ready to face new challenges and contribute to our success. 

Stay tuned to our blog to follow Margus’ journey and learn more about the rest of our team.