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Meet Valdur Viiklepp: The Man Behind Wiso Engineering’s Smooth Construction Processes


Meet Valdur, the Head of Construction aka Ultimate Construction Guru at Wiso Engineering! He’s the mastermind behind the smooth sailing of our construction processes and the ninja who eradicates obstacles before they even have a chance to occur. Valdur studied industrial and civil engineering at Tallinn University of Technology and started his career in construction companies in Virumaa. He was exposed to the construction of wind farms and went ahead to manage several construction companies and build several solar and wind parks. And now? Valdur brought his epic project management skills and superhero problem-solving abilities to Wiso Engineering. This guy knows how to get stuff done!

Valdur has a wealth of experience in project management, and challenges only serve to shine his star brighter. His approach to work is unique and practical, which ensures that everything on any project he leads gets done right. With his knowledge and experience, Valdur ensures that everyone in the project understands their responsibilities and works effectively. Valdur’s leadership style encourages everyone in his team to be accountable, communicate effectively, and be proactive.

Move over, rock stars, because Valdur is here to steal the show! When he’s not busy conquering the world with his project management skills, he rocks out on the bass guitar. Don’t believe me? Just check out his killer performances with some of Estonia’s hottest bands like Ziggy Wild, Fööniks, Ike Rann, and Juss Haasma & Trikster. He is a self-taught guitarist, and his talent is a reflection of his unwavering determination. 

Valdur has been involved in several projects before WiSo Engineering. Valdur has worked as a site manager in Aulepa I wind park 39MW, Salme wind park 3,4MW and Aidu wind park 100MW and as a project manager in Aulepa II wind park 9MW. Valdur’s contribution to these projects was significant, and it’s a testament to his dedication to his work.

In conclusion, Valdur Viiklepp’s leadership, musical talent, and experience have made him a valuable asset to the Wiso Engineering team. His approach to project management has made him an exceptional problem solver, able to identify and overcome obstacles in his path. So, whether he’s jamming out to tunes or solving project problems like a pro, Valdur is the real deal. We’re lucky to have him on board here at WiSo Engineering. Let’s give it up for Valdur Viiklepp, the man who can do it all!