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Energy Conference 2024 – “Everything Depends on the Direction of the Wind


On February 21st, the Eesti Päevaleht Energy Conference 2024 – “Everything Depends on the Direction of the Wind” took place at the Noblessner Foundry. The conference focused on the future of Estonian energy, addressing its problems, opportunities, and challenges.

The conference was opened by the Minister of Climate, Kristen Michal, speaking on the topic “How to Get the Spark Necessary for Estonia’s Success?” followed by presentations.

Among other speakers, the CEO of Evecon and Wiso Engineering, Karl Kull, provided his perspective on the current state and future of energy. In his presentation, he emphasized that while the 2030 renewable energy targets are important, the period from 2025 to 2027 is more critical and significant for us at the moment, especially from an engineering perspective. With the disconnection of the Baltic States from the Russian energy system scheduled for the beginning of next year, it is essential to ensure the stability of electricity quality. Therefore, Estonia’s energy security is guaranteed by those stations and connection points that have already been constructed or put into operation. Maintaining lights on and rooms warm, technological neutrality is more important today than ever before.